New Zealand’s Gabby Molloy recently flew to the Northern Hemisphere for some summer riding and has already begun taking names at the races. Last weekend she won the women’s elite category at the NW Cup that was held in Port Angeles in Washington State. She was riding her new Zerode, which looks awful pretty as well as being obviously pretty darn quick. Gabby and partner Dodzy are on a bit of a roadie that will see them smashing out thousands, if not millions of miles of vertical and hitting plenty of races while New Zealand is in the grip of night lights, mud bogs, the devil’s dandruff and f-ing cyclocross. Congrats to Gabby for the result and I can’t wait to hear more from the wonder duo’s trip. How about a regular update for Spoke web readers, hey guys?Results:

Pro Mens-
1 Luke Strobel MS Evil 2:35.48
2 Andrew Mitchell Dunbar Cycles/Elka/ Straitline 2:37.82
3 Dean Tennant Dunbar Cycles/ Devinci/Elka 2:38.49
4 Kyle Thomas Diamondback 2:41.37
5 Dan Sims Dunbar Cycles 2:42.05
6 David Camp 2:43.41
7 Eric Loney Project 529/SRAM/SantaCruz 2:43.85
8 Adam Mantle Dunbar Cycles 2:43.99
9 Tim Coleman John Henry Bikes 2:44.22
10 James Dodds Zerode Bikes 2:44.55
18th Kelly “World Cup” McGarry

Womens Pro-
1 Gabby Malloy Zerode 3:06.92
2 Jaime Rees Loeka/Bike Hub Racing 3:10.63
3 Dawn Fidler Speedy Beaver Racing 3:21.32
4 Chelsey Stevens Bike Hub Racing 3:32.96

Photo stolen from Gabby’s Facebook profile. We can still do that right?

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  1. That looks like a pattles cankle to me.Rumour has it that Seb secretly covets the euro roadie cap under the helmet, knee warmers, the onesy look and the feel of mud in his chamois

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