I’m currently in my homeland of Angleterre doing a full isle road trip. After witnessing the Fort William World Cup I’m heading back down south stopping at select British mountain bike industries along the way. What I’m finding is that Taiwan isn’t the only way to do things. Grant Robinson and myself are working on some epic stories of true grit, ingenuity and technology. I can’t go much into what we have seen because a lot of it is hyper secret as yet and you’ll have to wait for the full story in select magazines (Spoke Magazine?) but here are some art fag Hipstamatic photos and captions from out visit to Hope Technology. After seeing what goes on there I will never complain about the cost of a Hope product.

Cutting tool. One of many (up to 32 for each machine at any point one). The machines are so precise they cut and mill material internally in ways I will never be able to fathom. High tech indeed.

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