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Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 11.22.10 AMBeing 6’4″, flying for me is fraught with discomfort, especially now in the days of JetStar and Southwest’s budget cramped seating. And because I’m a cheapskate, I’m not paying extra for the exit row (although when it’s offered for free I’m there in a flash). Anyway, when controversial Vice Magazine co-founder Gavin McInnes teamed up with Vans to produce this series of ‘how to’ videos they were bound to be funny/offensive. Check ’em out below. If you’re at work you may want to turn the volume down or plug some headphones in!
How To Fly – The Secret to Travelling in Comfort

How To Drink – The Secrets to Good Bar Etiquette

How To Fight – When You’re Not a Fighter

How To Pick Up Chicks – Using a Time Machine

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