Unfortunately for me, there’s no shower where I work, so when I decide to pedal-power the 35 km to work, I have to unceremoniously give myself a sponge bath with anti-bacterial wipes in the shopping centre bathroom. Luckily, Icebreaker now makes a range of cycle apparel, and with the slogan “think, don’t stink” reflected well and truly in this jersey and bra, I’m stoked that I don’t have to walk into work smelling like a sweaty old cycle jersey.

Not only does Icebreaker’s merino goodness stop unwanted odours, the jersey and bra (sorry boys, only half this review was written for you) fit like a glove. The jersey has a discreet zip pocket on the rear and cool contrasting panels for added style points. This is the Gucci of cycling jerseys. I’ve had mine for some time now and have had the pleasure of riding in it in both warm and cold weather, and have found the merino/Lycra blend to keep me surprisingly cool when it’s warm, but lovely and warm in the cold. I have long used Icebreaker base layers under my cycle jerseys to keep me warm on the bike in winter and this jersey is a comfortable revelation. Leave the rain jacket at home; if you don’t mind getting wet, the fine merino blend will keep you toasty, whether wet or dry.
Icebreaker is totally on the mark with this combo. It was about time the brand broke into the cyclewear market and this jersey and bra are an exciting taste of things to come. MEGAN DIMOZANTOS

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