1af3cbbf-7a1d-43c0-a9d2-ad7e994e4b71Just when you thought you could relax on the sofa , take a breather and work out how you can take a fatbike for a test ride without any of your buddies finding out about it, along comes this damfangled 27.5+ phenomena. Yes, now you have to splash out more money to get with the Joneses and put in-between sized tyres on your in-between sized bike. With the new Boost 148 hubs and bikes coming it’s time to get ready and Fox are letting you do this to the front end of your bike already with this new 2016 Float 34. It’s not just a wider fork, it has gone on a massive diet, gone through a complete damper mod which is now tunable on the open setting, and a completely reworked air spring. You’ll need to get a new wide rim built on the wider 110mm hub and then try and find a 27.5+ tyre, but that should keep you off the streets were you can get into so much trouble these days. Check out the full press release below.


2016 FACTORY 34 FLOAT 27.5+

Blurring the line between trail and fat bikes
The all new FACTORY Series 34 FLOAT 27.5+
was designed from the ground up to be extra wide rim and tire ready.
Features and Benefits
• Chassis designed specifically for 27.5+
wheels and tires
• 15QR x 110mm wide flange hub spacing
• 4th generation FIT4 closed cartridge damper

New wide crown spacing and lower leg casting

• Clearance for super-wide rims
• Supports tire sizes up to 27.5” x 3.25”
• 51mm offset
• Travel range 110mm to 150mm spring


WIDE FLANGE HUB – 15QR x 110mm
• Hub flanges, brake mount, and rotor moved 5mm outboard
• Increased width improves brace angle & wheel stiffness for larger wheels
• 15QR x 110mm axle spacing

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