About a year ago when Caleb first turned up to a ride with his G-Form knee pads we all had a giggle at his Euro-Robo-Batboy look and since then I know he’s copped a bit of ribbing from others when they take a gander at his knees. Then Jeff “suave bugger” Carter started rocking a pair and I had to take notice. I especially took notice when I realised that neither Caleb or Jeff ever fiddled about with them once they were on, and on a few dawn raid pirate trail excursions Jeff was turning up for breakfast with the G-forms already on.

I also know that if something doesn’t work then both these boys will ditch them quicker than you can say “Ranger’s coming” when you’re about to get busted riding where you shouldn’t be. So a set turned up at HQ today, because now you can get them in New Zealand, and I had to try them on and wow, they’re pretty comfy. Also the padding is much thicker than I thought but has depression channels everywhere which act as multiple hinges to mould the pad around your bony bits. I can’t wait to try ‘em and this new Pro model with the yellow stitching and pad base certainly makes them a little less robo/bat-like for sure. I’ll update you once I eat shit big time on the trails.

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