It was an exciting day in the Spoke office today. As my most lusted after helmet, Scott’s Stego with MIPS finally arrived at Spoke HQ for me to review. If you haven’t sussed out what MIPS is, don’t fret. It is a thin separate cradle that’s ‘toggled’ into the helmet with about 15mm of unidirectional movement, which allows the helmet to rotate on your head, absorbing the initial rotational impact in a crash. Most bike crashes are of the type that cause this rotation so you’d be a mug to not get it in your next helmet.

It adds about $80 and many brands now have a MIPS ready to save your noggin. So, the helmet! I love the look of it and it fits me very well. I hear that most people get a good fit with this lid, and the retention device cradles the full crown and has three fore/aft positions. It’s pretty light and on the one ride I’ve had so far, once it was on I forgot all about it which is a very good sign. I’m going to try hard not to crash it , but in the name of a good review Caleb has offered to smack me over the head with a 4 by 2. It costs $250 and only comes in black in New Zealand. See the full review in the next magazine issue.




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  1. I got one of these off a mate in the UK a few months ago – it’s fantastic. My head runs hot and it’s the coolest full coverage helmet I have found. The understated looks are pretty dope, and it’s super comfortable.

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