smith-XTR-2136We took a close look at Smith’s new Forefront MTB helmet when they arrived in the office over a month ago, but the optional GoPro mount hadn’t yet arrived in the country. Well, look what showed up a few days ago. To my surprise, the GoPro mount also comes with a universal light mount as well which just adds to the rad factor of this incredibly well thought out lid.
smith-XTR-2133We wasted no time in attaching the thing to one of our two review helmets; all you have to do to fit it up is remove the little cover on your helmet…

smith-XTR-2134…which uncovers a threaded insert. As soon as you see the thread you know it’s going to be good and solid.

smith-XTR-2137Then all you need to do is remove the sticky 3M strip at the rear of the mount and screw it down. Done and rock solid.

smith-XTR-2138Ready to roll.

smith-XTR-2139The GoPro mount slides out and can be replaced with this universal light mount. It’s a pretty dialled and solid clip that gets the light nice and forward on your helmet.

smith-XTR-2140It’s not exactly night riding season right now, but knowing you have this little fitting system tucked away for next winter is pretty cool, and the best bit is it’s only $29.95.

smith-XTR-2144And something we just plain forgot to show you when the helmets first showed up is this very cool goggle retention system for those of you ready to go “full enduro”.

smith-XTR-2143When you’re running goggles on a half shell it’s pretty easy to drop your goggles or have them ping off. Smith’s simple little goggle keeper is something that clips on the rear of the helmet and comes with all helmets as standard…

And speaking of all helmets, Smith’s Forefront helmet and the GoPro/light Mount will be in stores next week in White, Black, Orange (my personal favourite) and Cement colours at $359.

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