WTB-volt-sizesI’ve been a long time fan of WTB’s saddles. For the last 15 years, at least one of my bikes has always rocked one and recently both my 29er and 27.5 wheeled bikes have been sporting the Volt. The very popular Volt is a marriage between a bunch of WTB saddles and essentially is a slightly more padded, shorter version of the legendary Silverado saddle. As of today the Volt has changed again and is now available in three widths, 135mm (which is the same as the current Volt), 142mm and 150mm. The carbon railed Volt is only available in the original 135mm width. These are here in New Zealand and shipping now.


WTB-8891New to WTB’s 2015 range is the Hightail. It’s a classic WTB saddle that fills a hole in the market that you didn’t even know existed. Pivot’s Chris Cocalis and suspension guru Dave Weagle knew it though, and suggested to WTB that there needed to be a saddle that solved the problem of long travel bikes with large and medium sized wheels buzzing saddles. WTB thought the idea was tops and came up with this sweet vacuum formed saddle with a substantial cut out, which obviously saves a bit of weight at the same time.


WTB-8890My personal favourite, the Silverado, gets a 2015 makeover but for fans of this saddle you can rest assured it’s purely cosmetic and it’s as comfortable as it ever was. As far as I’m concerned things don’t get better than the Silverado’s long and lean shape, and knowing that the Syndicate’s Greg and Josh think the same is very reassuring.


WTB-8889And for those wanting a bit more padding but still in a svelte package then the Rocket is for you (and Steve Peat). This saddle has been a long-time staple of the WTB range, and even roadies love the slim profile but with a bit of extra comfort for the long haul.


All of these new WTB saddles have just landed in New Zealand and if your shop hasn’t got them, they can order them from KRD right now.

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