It’s obviously a slow news day when we post up that XX1 is now available in black, or it will be around the 10th of February. Mind you, if you’re the owner of a stealth black Nomad, or maybe a matte black Turner 5 Spot then this new option could be just thing you’re after if you want to kick the red accents to the curb.


This is what the derailleur looks like in black…



…and OMG here’s what the shifter looks like!


But the cool news hidden in this release is the fact that SRAM is now offering protective crank arm boots. We were so enamored with them that we ordered a bunch and put them in the webshop and they’re ready to ship right now. They’re $18.40 and make the perfect accessory for aggressive riders who use carbon cranks. SR_1X_DirectMount_MAnd SRAM also recognised that if you aren’t riding a Nomad there’s an unsightly exposed bit of bare metal where that front derailleur used to go and have produced this subtle little doohickey to cover it up. Of course we’d recommend you buy our own beer opening version but if you’re a teetotaler then this could be your cup of tea, so to speak.

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