It’s not just the XC and DH World Cups where the Kiwis are killing it. Nelson’s Jamie Nicoll is on a European jaunt to test himself on the Enduro circuit and took a great 8th place against the world’s best at the Coupe de France race in Samoens. Nico Vouilloz took the win with Remy Absalon second, so you know it’s a pretty tough field with those kind of riders on the line. Jamie was understandably chuffed with his ride and had this to say;

Great day in the alps, things were drying up and the runs were long. I was putting down sub 18 minute times, I think around 45 seconds to 1 minute off the lead pros. Had a bit of an odd mechanical having to pick my seat up after it came loose and fell off on the first run, doing 2/3 of the run hovering over the post, but got 9th. Second run with a tyre change and Anka Martin’s tech support to sort the post I pulled a 7th and then a 6th in the final run. So I came 8th overall in open men’s, so pretty happy for a starter!

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