Jey Clementz continues his reign of dominance on the Enduro World Series taking another event win after 5 stages of Colorado racing (stage 1-3rd, Stage 2-2nd, Stage 3-1st, stage 4-9th, Stage 5-4th). But it could well have been Jared Graves had something not gone wrong in stage 2 as he was 1st or 2nd in evrey other stage! If Jared can hold it together, not get lost and not flat hes’s going to be a serious threat but for now Jerome, Nico and Fabiens consistency is working for them…

There were plenty of Kiwis in the mix with Wellington’s Chris Johnston in 12, Nelson’s Jamie Nicoll 16th, Kashi Lechs in 87th and Paul Angus in 93rd

Rosara and Anka represented well on the women’s front with Rosara landing an overall podium in 5th spot and 3rd place on stage three and Anka finishing in 10th overall.

Open Men Top Five
1. Jerome Clementz
2. Nicolas Vouilloz
3. Fabien Barel
4. Aaron Bradford
5. Rene Wildhaber

Open Women Top Five
1. Tracy Moseley
2. Anne Caroline Chausson
3. Anneke Beerten
4. Ines Thoma
5. Rosara Joseph

Full results here.

Video: Enduro World Series Day 1 – Winter Park, CO on Pinkbike

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