So I’ve been completely slack. Or completely busy. Busy sounds better, but you get the idea, right? Anyways, round 1 of the SuperDark went down on the 24th of June. Eight people showed up, with five set of lights between them.
The route started at the public lookout at the top of Mt Vic (because having random Japanese tourists cheering “go go go” makes you ride faster), and headed down the various singletracks parallel to Alexandra Road. At Alexandra Park (the soccer field), we switched across to the eastern side of the hill, and dropped down a couple of tracks that I was shown at lunchtime on race day (no chance for sly practice if the organiser doesn’t even know where the track is before the race) to the badminton courts.

So: riders with no lights. We let people go in groups, so that lights could be shared. It seemed to work, and no one disappeared, so I guess there won’t be rules about having to have lights in future. Cards were collected for time bonuses later in the series, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It was either that or they were just delirious about not having to make their way down slippery rooty singletrack in the dark any more.

Anyways: the times

Mike (the hippy)   8:40
James          8:56
Al Quinn    9:03
Tom    9:26
Jono     9:46
Aaron   15:00
James (from Wainui)  15:35
Dan    15:40

In case it’s not clear, the last three guys had one set of lights between them. And in my defense, I was stopping to pull down marking at a couple of points. I prepared that excuse in advance, because sounding convincing is where it’s at.

Next race Thursday the 9th of July. Meet at the power substation above Crofton Downs (top of Chartwell Drive) at 7pm. Lights recommended…

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