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Former World Cup XC racer Rosara Joseph is joining the Yeti National Team (USA) to race enduro in North America. The Kiwi Olympian retired from international cross-country racing at the end of last season when Rabobank pulled its sponsorship from the Giant Off Road team and she took the opportunity to try her hand at the blossoming enduro scene. Rosara is looking forward to a new challenge and riding her new Yetis.

“I’ll be focusing on the Oregon Enduro series and the Big Mountain Enduro series, as well as a couple of the World Enduro series events. I’m really excited to be given an opportunity to focus on enduro racing, and I’m even more excited to be doing it with Yeti, a cool company with a real passion for mountain biking and getting people stoked about riding bikes. They also have some really sweet bikes.”

She’ll be riding an SB66 carbon and the SB95. “I’ve been riding the SB95 the past week and loving it. It’s the first time I’ve had a proper go on a 29er, and it’s been a great experience. I love how stable and confidence inspiring the bike is, and after only four rides I’m already feeling totally comfortable on it.”

Rosara will be making her Yeti racing debut at the Dodzy Memorial Enduro in Wairoa Gorge this weekend.

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