IMG_0382This weekend was a big one for Queenstown locals Kate Fluker and Reon Boe. After a season in Europe last year following World Cup XC and DH dreams they’re going back again this year. Kate, in case you didn’t know, is New Zealand cross-country champion and also has her sights set on Commonwealth Games selection. Saturday started at 9am with a Funduro with around 40 competitors racing 5 timed sections from Wynyard with shuttles, to 7 Mile and Gold Digger. Conor Macfarlane proved his 4th in the Dodzy Memorial was no fluke by winning all stages. Vertigo riders Pang and JT rounded out the podium. Harriet ‘Bob’ Latchem won the women’s and Lynne Weir amateur women’s while Dylan Johnson was quickest amateur man. Emphasis was on the fun as some competitors were rumoured to have been out on Friday night carbo loading til 4am!
IMG_0384Focus then moved to the grass area beside Vertigo Bikes where Kate would spend 10 hours on a wind trainer with every kilometre raising $1 from corporate sponsors  – this was over a total of five bikes and she was never alone, which was awesome. Kate individually covered 402 km and the total km was 1,785. Emmerson Wilken put in 150km after a day riding Gorge Rd, Kelly McGarry made an appearance and Casey Brown used it as an opportunity to get in some sprint training too. Passersby were coaxed into buying raffle tickets for a bike donated by Giant who are the couple’s bike sponsor.

Total raised for the day was $3265 from the wind-trainer and $1845 from the Funduro. Good stuff, seeing athletes getting out and doing something for their cause while training at the same time.

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