A few weeks back I was in Seattle stalking out some tasty titbits and I was very lucky to meet up with Mr Nice Guy himself, Kelly McGarry. As you should know by now Kelly has been hooked with Diamondback on a two year deal which is marvelous for someone who has been hucking his meat for the price of a pie all over the globe for years and years now. Kelly is one of the most dedicated riders and so he was hanging out at the DB headquarters helping develop the new bikes. Clickity click for a short pictorial of the big man himself and a few questions that help illuminate what exactly a 7′ 6″ hucker does for a team like the Diamondback Development Force 5.

The rest of the DF5: Eric Porter (who made an appearance via the Zerox machine), Kelly McGarry, Kyle Thomas, and Billy Lewis.

What is the DF5?
Diamondback’s team of riders recruited to ride, test and give feedback about the Diamondback line of bikes.

What does DF5 stand for?
Development force five.

How did the DF5 come about?
I think the team came about because Diamondback has been keeping a pretty low profile in the past few years. Now they have a lot of cool new stuff coming out and the team is there to get the products out there in the mountain bike world.

What is your role on the team?
I guess my role as a rider in the team is more of a slopestyle/big mountain rider. So I  pretty much just have to go out and send it on the bikes. Pretty sweet role I’d say!

What are your plans for the rest of 2012?
I’m just following the comps around at the moment (I’m in Europe right now), and I plan to go to Whistler for July, August and September. I also have a few trips planned which I’m stoked on!

What development plans are currently going on at DB?
There is plenty going on over at Diamondback, refining the existing bikes and also new frames being built and tested, namely the DH bike which Kyle and myself have been shredding and giving our feedback on, which has been awesome.

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