Spotted at Fort William (yeah I know that was like twenty years ago in internet time but who gives a flying fuchsia?) on the Burgtec stand were these custom pedals for Wyn Masters and Brook MacDonald. Straight pimping yo.

Also kicking about was Wyn Masters who was competing in his first World Cup DH after pretty much snapping his arm off in Nelson at the Nationals in February. The above photo was taken before racing and it was looking pretty banana like already. Then during his finals run he bent it even more on a nasty compression/G-out. He didn’t crash but after the race he went to the hospital to get it checked and they said it should be alright if he took it easy. One week later Wyn was qualified for the finals at the next WC DH round in Leogang and giving it death on his run. Shrugging off the mundane is what these racers are all about. They operate on a totally different level.

At this week’s race it was Justin Leov who placed highest Kiwi in 8th place. Blenki took 9th and MacDonald followed up last week’s mega run with a solid 10th. Cole was down in 24th but this shows the Kiwi boys are all level pegging and if they can keep smashing results then it’s only a matter of time till one of them sits on the top box, or better still all of them sweep the whole podium. The World Cup is turning out to be an exhilarating spectacle this year with the main characters being forced to push even deeper to hold off the immeasurably confident Aaron Gwin. It isn’t even at the halfway point of the series yet and the title chase is hotter than a Pop Tart in the desert.

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