Kona Bikes: F#%k Around and Find Out – Episode 1

F#%k Around and Find Out is a new series that follows members of the Kona Crew in all of their shenanigans. The best part of riding bikes with your buddies is sending it into the unknown, getting as weird as possible, and laughing until your cheeks hurt. Join the Kona Crew as they check out new (to them) riding zones and just let loose – because why the F#%k not? It’s time to F#%k Around and Find Out!

Northshore’s pride and joy Caleb Holonko visits Kona Factory Teammate Eddie Reynolds in his sunny San Diego, California hometown. The result? These two together are more of a ripping good time than we could have ever hoped. Sure, huge hucks and speedy whips are always fun to watch – but watching these two burn a normal day’s light by just being themselves is somehow more inspiring to us. And most of all, it makes us want to grab our dirt jumper or trail bike and get out for a ride with our best friends!