Kona have just dropped their 2014 model range, and no surprises, there’s a couple of new medium wheeled bikes pushing the small wheelers aside. The Process range now consists of a 29er (the 111) and two 650bs (the 134 and 153). The model numbers indicate the travel on each bike, and they sport an all-new suspension platform.





Process 111


Challenging tradition with an Enduro/Trail geometry re-think.

Most Trail and Enduro bikes are still subject to the traditional fit and sizing that mountain bikes took from road bike sizing. The ideas that seat tube length defines the size, and stem lengths increase with the frame size no longer makes sense, now that Enduro riders pedal their rigs like XC bikes and descend them like DH bikes. We re-thought the equation with a holistic approach; stem-length, reach, top tube length, chainstay length, front center, and wheelbase, all relevant to the fit, form and function of the modern mountain bike. The results are bikes that shred up and down, across an entire universe of rider preference and trail type.

When it came to designing the ultimate platform of bikes for technical off-road riding, we saw the need to develop a versatile product line to fit the needs of every definition of Trail and Enduro riding. Our prime design directive was to find the best possible balance of geometry, travel and wheel size. As a result, we came up with some very specific travel numbers that complement the design, wheel size and intended use of specific models. The results are our three Process bikes: the 111, 134 and 153.

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