Southstar Shuttles, in conjunction with the Rotorua Mountain Bike Club, have initiated a women’s-only shuttle evening with the aim of encouraging more women to get on their bikes in the forest. The idea of a Ladies’ Evening Shuttle came to RMBC’s Kim McVicker from “being a newbie on the shuttle”. Says Kim, “no longer do I have to struggle to jam myself between massive downhill bikes, whilst rushing to tie my own bike on under immense pressure from boys wanting to get up the hill ASAP. Instead we have a supportive environment where we can just take our time, help one another, and smell perfume instead of stinky blokes!”

The Ladies Evening Shuttle also has the added bonus of fresh home baking, which takes everyone’s mind off the hill they don’t have to ride up anymore. “At the top (when the bus driver has had enough of our chitter chatter) we all jump off, make our way down the various tracks and then we’re amping for another gravity (and cake)-assisted run!”

The Southstar Shuttle Ladies’ Evening: fortnightly Wednesdays from February 1st, meeting 5:30pm at 8 Mile Gate. $10 cash paid to the bus driver on the evening, e-mail to secure your seat. All welcome.

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