It’s not MTB but my passion for basketball predates my love of skateboarding and mountain biking. In fact it goes way back to when my dad took me to see the Harlem Globetrotters at the show and sports centre BITD. With that said I should have been keeping you a bit more up to date with the NBA playoff scores. So unless you have been living under a rock it’s the Lakers vs Celtics, Kobe Byant vs Ray Allen, Magic vs the Bird. It’s easily one of the greatest basketball matchups of all time. And it’s close, the last time they meet in the finals it was 2004 and Boston took the playoffs 4-1. Already we’re looking at 2-1 to LA. Game 4 is this Thursday 10th (USA). And as you can see, the Lakers have Ice Cube! Game 3

Game 2

Game 1

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