Last year fun and games found a new name with creation of the League of Gentlemen Un-Race Series.

What started out as the drunken love child between a bottle of tequila mixed with an excessive amount of coffee and a poor use of foreign vocabulary, quickly turned into the second greatest race series in the world (and the Greatest race series in the lower Southern Lakes district).

With series founder and cross-eyed visionary Seb Kemp deciding to take his carnival on the road again, and set his sights on on megalomaniacal domination of the mates race empire, starting with Mexico, people were curious as to what would happen to their beloved race series. (We may have embellished their sentiment by adding the word beloved, or indeed their curiosity.)
Well today the LoG are pleased to announce that Graeme Cooper, Queenstown’s friendliest courier driver and owner of the world’s ugliest dirt jumper, will be taking hold of the helm and steering the good ship HMS Bi-Weekly Shit Show across this year’s calendar.

Already goody goody two shoes Graeme has the League’s founder look like even more of a bumbling clown by actually announcing the dates and format for each race months ahead of them actually happening. What a teacher’s pet. I bet he loved getting extra homework and volunteered for being chalk board supply monitor.

Graeme said this: “After Seb decided that he needed to go on a Peyote tour of Mexico to be able to hallucinate another twelve months of rambling bumbling Whistler Diaries columns for Dirt, it became obvious that this was a perfect opportunity to actually make something of the League of Gentlemen Series. The format is unchanged: self timed, cheaters cheat themselves, fun and beer. However I’ve added organisational skills, punctuality, logic and common sense. I would like to add that even though Seb Kemp is a pompous little ink blot, he is still a hypersonic converter of lesbians.”

Anyway, here are all the dates. For more info look for the League of Gentlemen WasteBook page or look out for Graeme in his shiny yellow and red courier van (he will be the one wearing colour matched yellow and red running shoes, which he uses to run to the dairy for an hourly pie and Coke intake).

Author: Seb Kemp

League of Gentlemen returns for the 09/10 summer with the race that started it all, the DAS UBER D!! Course confirmed on the night. $2 and two beers entry. Be at the top of Skyline for 7pm race start.

Time:7:00pm Thursday, December 3rd


Self timed rally style race through different trails of 7 mile.
Time: 7:00pm Thursday, December 17th
Location: 7 Mile Reserve
We welcome the New Year with a direct rip down the new line.
Time: 7:00pm Thursday, January 7th
Location: Skyline
Old school slalom race in the grass at Frankton Beach. BBQ afterwards weather permitting.
Time: 6:3opm Thursday, January 21st
Location: Frankton Beach
Taking the best of the down in 7 Mile Reserve, linking them all together to charge to the lake down in the carpark. Maybe a swim to find a beer to finish.
Time: 7:00pm Thursday, February 4th
Location: 7 Mile Reserve
Can Si “GING” Smith handle the pressure and defend his title or will it be another crumple under the weight of expectation by the defending champ?!! Will Ceci regain or will a fit Pangus show the style of a former World Cup racer and swat all comers aside?
Time: 6:30pm Thursday, February 18th
Location: Skippers Canyon
It’s a PUMP OFF!! Who has forearms of steel? Who can pump the longest? And no not a Swedish Penis Pump. Best style, fastest
lap, get your pump on!
Time: 6:30pm Thursday, March 4th
Location: Gorge Rd Pump Track
The last race on the LOG calander for the 2009/10 season. Das Uber D closes it out with a gathering to remiss and chastise
each other at Revolver with a prize giving of sorts. Bring your fancy dress!!
Time: 7:00pm Thursday, March 18th
Location: Skyline, Revolver

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