It’s only a trailer but the full length version is set to be amazing. These crazy Euros are painstakingly recreating Spike Jonze’s legendary Beastie Boys Sabotage video, shot for shot and angle for angle, all with 80s Lego. We will post the finished version when it’s done!
“Project Sabotage started in last November, and now the trailer has been published! The aim of the project is to shoot a Lego stop-motion animation remake of the Beastie Boys’ Sabotage music video. We will recreate all original scenes with correct camera angles as well as authentic background sets and characters. Foremost, our purpose is to reproduce the feeling of the original, bearing in mind the limitations of Lego bricks.

Only pure Lego implementation of the scenes is allowed. We will rely primarily on our existing Lego collections from mid-80s to early 90s, although some scenes and characters require special bricks that will be acquired specifically for this purpose.”

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