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It’s damn hard to show up with a video camera and expect to head out and shoot a clip of a photographer doing his business and get gold. So this clip from the continuing series of f-Stop’s Life in Focus docos show us more of an insight into arguably one of the world’s best action sports photographers and regular Spoke photographer, Mattias Fredriksson, but it doesn’t really do him justice. To that end I’ve tacked Darcy Turenne’s awesome doco on the bottom of the post as well, so do check out both!

It’s a special time of the year when changing seasons challenge shooters beyond their subjects and equipment. Some move with the weather, chasing dirt and snow, while others stay put and bounce back and forth as the sceneries change. Mattias Frederiksson takes the latter, working through the transition and keeping his cameras on overdrive as the conditions go from dirt to snow and back again. We catch up with Mattias this past November in Åre, Sweden where he shows us how he manages to shoot both mountain bike and ski in the consecutive days.

Over the last year alone, his images have found their way to nearly 30 magazine covers. As we are about to reach another seasonal transition, it begs the question: what’s the secret to his success? Click play to find out.

Special thanks to Skistar Åre for lodging and special tram access.

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