1Xseattubecrop I can just imagine it now, in ten years time, we will be watching a TV movie depicting the epic battle between the two chain retention giants MRP and E 13 that ended in… well something bad. But for now these two competitors are spicing up the chain guide world and MRP’s soon to be released incarnation of its popular 1.X guide has upped the ante. MRP are now producing 1.X guides capable of fitting direct mount derailleur fittings and also a seat tube version for MTB and cycle cross.
With the list of cross country championships piling up from the 2009 season, MRP is proud to announce three new versions of the ultra popular 1.X chainguide.

1.X MTB Clamp On: For those riders who have been excluded from the 1.X movement due to their press-in bottom brackets like BB-30 or cranks that aren’t compatible with the BB-mount version. The guide clamps right onto a conventional seat tube, just like a front derailleur.

Carl Decker's Vegas setup.

1.X Cross Clamp On: By popular demand, the 1.X Cross is a seat tube mount guide that will be compatible with CX bikes running a Road Double crank for the optimum chainline. The guide clamps right onto a conventional seat tube, just like a front derailleur. Carl Decker rocked a prototype of this one at Cross Vegas 2009 in September.

1.X Direct Mount: This 1.X will bolt directly to the frame, utilising the new Shimano Direct Mount for MTB front derailleurs. This will allow riders to use the 1.X on frames that have both BB-30 and unconventional seat tube designs.

All three versions are adjustable for fine tuning the chainline.

Developed with input from some of the world’s most demanding riders including Adam Craig and Ross Schnell, the 1.X was designed to allow cross-country riders to take advantage of the huge weight savings (a full pound or more) and simplicity of a single front chain ring without having to worry about their chain falling off.

MRP is a small company based in Grand Junction, Colorado. With countless World Cup and World Championship victories, MRP has been the choice of champions since 1996. MRP’s patented technologies put them at the top as the leader in smooth, silent, reliable chain retention.

For more information about MRP and the 1.X, visit their website at www.mrpbike.com.

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