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Jerome Clementz leads the life we all would love to… his partner (and gun rider herself) Pauline tells us what it’s like from her side.

How do you image Jérôme’s day to day life? 

As his girlfriend, it is not easy every day…
Lots of MTB from dawn to dusk!
As soon as he wakes up, his smartphone is already in his hand : first social media check (we never know if somebody was riding during the night…).
During the breakfast, he is not really here but focuses on reading the MTB magazines… and even after (in the toilet)!
After a “quick” session of internet (certainly he missed some videos in the morning), he prepares to go riding. Ready to climb the mountain to reach the highest point (if not, he will be disappointed from the rest of the day). Take a picture and ready to shred the trails!
After the ride, he always cleans his bike (why he doesn’t clean the house as he cleans the bike?) and check if everything goes well (he tells me that he is a good mechanic..).
Some rest to eat something, and I think he starts to shake (maybe not enough bike..). It is time to go riding the pump track!
I think he gets to much energy so I tell him to rest a little bit, and guess what? His first choice is watching the DH world cup replay with beers and friends…
Sometimes he doesn’t understand why I get crazy… And I am sure a lot of girls understand me. But there is also a lot of good time living this life!


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