sent one of their readers down to check out the official opening of the London 2012 Olympic XC course at Hadleigh Farm.  Although a tonne of it looks pretty mellow there are some insane rock features just dropped in to keep things interesting. It’s worth heading over there to check out the other pics, it looks like a fun course. But after watching the Champery XC race I can tell you unequivocally that there are going to be some elite Muppets out there; it’s true that some of the top XC echelon can ride, but not all of them. 

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  1. Word is that Caleb was walking stuff up on Mt Vic last week . . . . don’t deny it Caleb, and with the advantage of a dropper post.

  2. Word is Caleb had to walk some stuff up on Mt Vic a few weeks back. Don’t deny it Caleb. And with the advantage of a dropper post.

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