Intense has combined their long time commitment to racing with the new 2nd generation VPP suspension platform to create the ultimate gated racing weapon, The New Tazer VP. Designed around the world cup winning geometry that has become synonymous with Intense race bikes over the years, this new design features 80-100mm of adjustable rear wheel travel, a 1.5 headtube and new angular contact bearings with grease ports for ease of maintenance.

Based on market feedback, The 2010 Tazer VP will be offered in 2 sizes based on top tube length and 3 colors. This is the same frame raced by overall world cup champion Anneke Beerten, along with Chris Kovarik and the CRC Intense Team, U.S. National Champion Rich Houseman, JD Swanguen, Team Xfusion- Intense and Mio Suemasa. Production will be limited to one batch of frames. Contact your local dealer now to get yours in time for race season. If you are racing 4x / Slalom, you will either be on the Tazer VP or behind one in 2010.

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