BikeUnless you live under a rock (that same rock that I’m always talking about) you should know who Martyn Ashton is. In case you don’t, he’s one of the greatest trials riders of all time and like Akrigg and MacAskill he recently garnered a fair amount of fame for knocking out some seriously crazy YouTube clips. His two Road Bike Party videos are out of this world and should be watched immediately. But all of this came to an end on September 1st 2013: “I was a professional mountain bike rider on the Animal Action Sports Tour. During a show that day I crashed hard; sustaining a permanent spinal cord injury. I ended that day in intensive care, facing 20 weeks of rehab* and a new future as a paraplegic.”

Now this blog post of Martyn popped up on the Animal Clothing website a few months ago and I’ve been meaning to send you over there to have a read. It’s pretty inspirational. In the post Martyn takes a look back at his year since that day in September, his rehabilitation and all the sports and activities he has tried to replace biking with. Basketball, tennis, adaptive rowing, archery, kayaking, racing wheelchairs and handbiking. It’s well worth a read, so head over here and check it out.

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  1. What a rad dude. I’m sure he will work out a way to get on a bike again, and it’ll be awesome to see how he does it.He’s also quite a talker with that infectious enthusiasm in his voice – he might make a good event commentator…
    If you haven’t seen the making of Road Bike Party 2, it’s well worth seeing – he talks a lot about his injury, and how that lead to getting the other two involved.

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