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Whether it’s in the parking lot or the pub, “How was the ride?” is a loaded question. Coming back from a multi-day, multi-country adventure with some old friends and a new bike, the question gets asked a lot. Fresh off the trail and filled with post-ride fever, I often find myself pouring a stream of expletives and hyperboles in reply.

I admit that in an effort to describe the best moments of a ride, the truth can take a bit of a holiday. Okay, maybe not EVERY corner was bermed, and the drifts weren’t ALL roosting shoulder high. Luckily for me (and for you!) the story of the Tour Mont Blanc has proof.

Please take a moment to explore the evidence behind this truly “epic” ride. Check out the scenery and the trail, and let your imagination put you in the saddle. Then get out on your bike and make your own adventure. — Matt Hunter.

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