DAY 4 /// GUILLAUMES → VALDEBLORE → Distance: 42.71km

D+ : 716m
D- : 2453m

Every day we start our press release with some stats – height gained, height lost, distance covered and for you that are following the racing closely we also have more stats for you – who won which stage, who was fastest overall today, and of course who is fastest overall.

DSC_6718Today we thought we’d bring you some ‘under the bonnet’ TP stats – the stats that fill riders bellies, that sooth tired muscles, that give them shelter every night (and possibly mild hangovers as well). If you like your stats read on.DSC_6616In numbers, and in no particular order which I’m sure will upset some, here’s the last last four days of the Mavic® Trans-Provence. If you want to, you can add on half again to most of the numbers and you should get the full weeks tally; but the booze total will probably be all skewed by Friday night’s drinking.

DSC_6388Meals – 1400. Which is impressive enough, but it is actually even more impressive than that – that’s 2000 courses plus packed lunches everyday, and fresh food at the feed station.

20 litres of red wine per day.

91 pop up tents that get erected then taken down again and moved every day.

3 event tents for chilling under.

2 massage tents.

76 luggage rounds (One round per competitor, but many have more than one bag). That also need moving from site to site every day.

100 massages.

60 brake bleeds (all mechanical stats are from Mavic support and doesn’t include other riders working on bikes on their own).

40 tyres.

4 chains.

4 mechs.

50 pairs of brake pads.

340 combined stages so far this week.

11 new stages out of 24.

240 nespresso coffee capsules drunk at the lunch time feed station

500 litres of water at the lunch time feed station.

15 kilos of haribos at the lunch time feed station.

1.8 Kilos of dried figs at the lunch time feed station.

4 uplift vehicles – with 9 camp vehicles in total.

20 shock rebuilds.

107 people in total.

76 competitors.

11 camp staff and drivers.

4 signage staff.

1 pre-course sweeper.

4 mountain staff.

5 masseurs.

6 media staff.

2 drone pilots.

2 doctors.

2 black eyes.

1 motorbike.

1 timing master.

1 Ash Smith.

Big numbers, that tell you how big a thing Mavic® Trans-Provence is in terms of logistics and people. What it doesn’t measure is the smiles, the effort the energy. The adventure.

Day 4 Stage Results


Overall Results after Day 4


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