A bit of a late entry in to the notable products released at Eurobike is the new 350 fork from Marzocchi (the 35 in 350 being the stanchion size). Especially designed for all the enduro lovers this new fork is inspired by the legendary Z1 and the ever popular 55.

Completely redesigned from top to bottom in order to increase the stiffness and reduce the weight. The 350 weighs in at a respectable 1900g with top of the range NCR model. Redesigned lowers knock off 100 grams compared to the 26” 55, cutting off 25 more grams from the new 15mm QR axle and finally 70 more grams have been taken off from the crown thanks to the hollow design.

The 35 mm stanchion tubes comes with nickel treatment on the NCR or gold race coating on the CR and R. Travel for all models goes from 140 to 160 mm with spacers. All forks come in flat black as standard color and in white as option while the steer tube will be tapered 1.1/8 to 1.1/2” only.

The 350 is still a while from NZ shores with release here slated for March next year.


Three are the damping technologies available from the DBC Dynamic Bleed Cartridge family, starting from the top performing NCR, based on the LCR cartridge, is the ideal combination between motorcycle technology and enduro competition needs.

Smooth damping, reliable and low maintenance as an open bath system but light weight as a sealed cartridge at the same time. Low speed compression and rebound can be adjusted by turning the knobs, both with a plus: the high speed rebound can be tuned by upgrading to a custom shim stack and the compression can be slowed down during the climb! This super efficient NCR cartridge can also be combined with the new and ergonomically designed remote control making your ride faster and safer.

The second damping option comes with the CR cartridge that performs control of the rebound and low speed compression keeping the suspension smooth and the tires glued to ground, no matter the riding style or the terrain you are riding on. In the CR cartridge the high speed compression can be tuned by upgrading to a custom shim stack: pure motorcycle technology!

Both of these damping systems, NCR and CR, come with air spring while the smooth performance of the coil spring is available on the 350 R: easy to set, real fun to ride, the R is the first step in to the high performing suspensions market. Tuning the low speed rebound the R cartridge ensures a constant riding control increasing the feel of confidence with the bike and the trail.

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