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“Morning training ride Pieter” doesn’t like “Evening Pieter” for staying up late being “Watching mountain bike web edits Pieter” on his computer. On Fridays “Midday Pieter” struggles to get his work done and starts to become “Fatigued Pieter” and blames “Week-long training Pieter” for not having enough energy to finish his work fast. “Hungry Pieter” is sick of “Protein shake Pieter” and “Hydration formula Pieter” for a boring diet and wishes he could be “McDonald’s Pieter” but “Recovery Pieter” and “Training ride Pieter” are glad he isn’t.

“Trail riding Pieter” loves “Going fast Pieter” and “Just did some sick skids Pieter.” “Slightly tired trail riding Pieter” doesn’t particularly like “Out of control Pieter” but definitely hates “Just hit that tree Pieter” and “My bike is broken Pieter” but takes a slight win from crashing when he is “I’m fine Pieter.” “Not going to the movies Pieter” blames “My bike is broken Pieter” for having to be “Just brought some new bike bling Pieter” because he is “Poor Pieter” and is now “Staying at home Pieter” and watching Seinfeld.

“Saturday morning Pieter” looks forward to becoming “All-day trail riding Pieter” But Summer (Pieter’s girlfriend) wishes “Saturday morning Pieter” could be “Sleep in Pieter” and not be “Wake Summer up at 6.30am Pieter.” Summer doesn’t like “Sleepy Saturday night Pieter” but “Sleepy Saturday night Pieter” blames “Riding all day in the sun Pieter” for making him not be “Party Pieter” or “Pay Summer enough attention Pieter.” Summer then gets very frustrated at “Sneaking out for quick Sunday morning ride Pieter” when he promised to be “Girlfriend day Pieter” and was “Too sleepy and can’t do anything Pieter” all of eleven hours ago.

“Just had epic day of riding Pieter,” is stoked on “Sticking to my training Pieter” then is “BBQ and Beers at my place Pieter” and as the night goes on becomes “Party Pieter” and then every bodies favourite “Boozey Pieter” to then the next morning to become “Hung over Pieter.”

“Pieter” wouldn’t have it any other way.

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