Here at Spoke we love Bike Magazine; we make no bones about it, it’s one of the best. So when I had the chance a few days ago to send the huge huck to flat that one time Spoke contributor Seb Kemp did on the cover of Bikes Bible review issue, well I handed Brian Buell the camera and just “gave’er” or I “sent it”, one of those two. moab-fruita-7056



the-torahScreen Shot 2013-06-22 at 1.31.36 PM


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    1. Agreed. Purple plus orange plus a blue bike. Simply a HUGE mistake…..

      And for some reason the seems to be much more air under Sebs wheels, in spite of having dropped further off the lip…..Huh? Good effort though, made me laugh

  1. Brain was too easy on you. He should have repeatedly said: “Just one more time, but with a little more style. And can you twist the bars up a bit more. And get the bike a little more side on. Can you also get a bit more air. And I know you can’t spot the landing and there is certain death on the other side – but can commit a little more. Oh, and don’t make a stupid face…. …. Just one more time”

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