Meg, crushing it. Photos: Guillaume le Guillou

Nelson’s Meggie Bichard took the biggest win of her enduro career on the weekend in Val d’Allos, France in the second race of the French Cup series, beating a strong field of EWS specialists and fast Euros.


Val d’Allos welcome last weekend the second round of the French Cup – Enduro Series 7idp for the legendary Tribe 10000.

Forced by technical issues on the ski lifts, the organizer chose to run a rally format at the last minute. Another challenge, brilliantly solved at the end, as we can confirm that even if the formula was different, the pleasure of riding, of battling at all levels and of sharing these unforgettable moments was ever present along this fabulous weekend.


Saturday was dedicated to free runs and allowed the riders to discover the new tracks but also to enjoy the XXL panoramas, especially at the start of the Stage 1. Run times, only for information and displayed on Saturday night, allowed each of them to analyse their runs before the big day on Sunday.

Stage 1 and 2 are dreaded because they’re very long, with “killer” pedalling sections. But the riders are unanimous, the trails, cleared the day before after the free runs, and the race rhythm gave a lot more flow and at the end the runs went well, real physical endure.

In any case, Nico Vouilloz and Thomas Lapeyrie would agree, as they increase the gap over a bunch of EWS level riders. Flo Nicolaï dropped his chain just few meters after the start of the Stage 1, when Barel fell and seemed to have difficulties getting into race mode, it seems already over for them.

In the female category, the kiwi Meggie Bichard killed the race in front of Isa Cordurier still a bit shook up after a crash the week before the race.enduroseries2allos-_48F1254-21062015

The battle would get even more intense on Stage 3, a classic run in the Seignus d’Allos bikepark. It’s Flo Nicolaï who took the win but all eyes were on the 3 seconds between him and Thomas before the Stage 4. Tension is maximum on the finish line where nobody could have wished for this finale. Unfortunately for Nico he broke his chain not far after the start and saw his winning hopes and also his second place disappeared.

Fab Barel would take the win of this last stage as he got his skills and speed back at the end of the day. Thomas Lapeyrie got a very convincing win over a challenging line-up of riders where Nico Quéré finished off the podium with the fifth place.

A very emotional podium as on this Father’s Day, the dads Richard Lapeyrie, Robert Nicolaï and Georges Vouilloz were invited to join their sons. With all the sacrifices done, they deserved it for sure.

In the female category, Meggie managed her advance and put her name in the history book as the first kiwi to win an Enduro Series.

1: LAPEYRIE Thomas Sunn 39:08.297

2: NICOLAI Florian Rocky Mountain Urge bp 39:30.605

3: VOUILLOZ Nicolas Lapierre Gravity 39:49.138

4: BAREL Fabien Canyon 40:08.931

5: QUERE Nicolas Commençal Enduro team 40:18.265

1: BICHARD Meggie TrailAddiction 46:36.077

2: COURDURIER Isabeau Rocky Mountain Urge bp 47:02.219

3: SUCH Morgane Massilia”s Girls 49:13.455

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