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On Tuesday this week Southstar Trails completed the construction of a new trail called “Mint” for the Hawkes Bay Mountain Bike Club.

The concept and name for this trail was conceived by Brenda Smith, a Napier based rider. After six months of part time hard effort with a grubber and spade, the first 250m of trail was completed, but Brenda’s joints were starting to feel the pain so she decided to retire from this trail construction caper and spend more time riding her bike.

The HBMTBC work closely with Pan Pac, managers of the Eskdale Forest and with upcoming logging operations due to knock over some of the established trail network, the club is focusing on expanding the trail network in the neighbouring Mill Block. This is the area to the north of the Pan Pac Mill on SH2, just north of Napier. Ross Mepham, HBMTBC’s Trail Development Manager outlined the vision for the new trails: “We really wanted to take the next step up with these new trails to make them not just an attraction for our 2000 members in the Hawkes Bay, but to make these trails a national attraction. Mountain bikers are travelling around New Zealand every weekend to ride in places like Rotorua and Queenstown. Napier has the terrain to become a national level destination too.” The completion of Mint is the first of this new crop of trails with many more in the planning and fundraising stages.

Brenda’s idea of a fun swoopy rolling trail, together with some generous funding from Napier’s Hawkes Bay Telecom Business Hub, allowed the HBMTBC to engage the services of Southstar Trails. Based in Rotorua, Southstar’s trail builders have been responsible for many iconic trails around New Zealand and in bike parks around the world. As you can see in the video, the new trail is a bucketload of fun to ride for intermediate level mountain bikers. So if you’re looking for something fun to do this weekend, visit the sunny Hawkes Bay and check it out! MINT!

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    1. The local owner/operated Telecom Business Hub in Hawkes Bay, donated funds to pay for 55% of the build cost of this trail (HBMTBC paid the remainder).We have a fundraising initiative to get local business/companies and individuals involved with the creation of our new tracks, where they can sponsor a trail. More can be found on the TRAILBLAZER page at

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