You may not have heard of Mons Royale. I hadn’t, until I was handed this merino T and asked to wear and review it. Mons Royale is a little company from Wanaka, with snowboarding roots, on a mission to put a bit of style back into merino baselayer clothing. Currently they offer a selection of tops and bottoms for men and women in a limited number of styles and colours.
I’ve been wearing this T-shirt for a winter and most of a summer now (not continuously). To date it has performed as you would expect merino to, providing a little additional warmth whilst warding off the stench often associated with overexertion and remaining soft and comfortable against the skin.
I have to confess that I haven’t rigorously tested this top’s suitability for mountain biking, as I’ve become so fond of it that I’m more likely to be found wearing it at work or at the pub than out on my bike. So, um, if you’re after some new merino baselayer clothing, and you want something that is functional, looks good, and is a little different from the norm, then check out Mons Royale. I imagine it’s probably quite good for mountain biking too. LEIF ROY

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