The folks at Sportspro sent this bike cleaner down yesterday and it couldn’t have been better timed. When I left for Europe over a month ago, my bike was covered in mud. I thought that maybe on my return one of my kids might have cleaned Dad’s bike, but that didn’t happen. So yesterday I gave the Motomuck a crack. You just spray it on (lots of it) to the dirty dry bike. Let it sit for ten minutes and then spray it off. Done. Did it work? Well the mud on my bike was really caked on, I knocked a few big chunks off with a stick before spraying the Motomuck on, but seriously I’d say 99% of the mud just fell off when I sprayed it with the hose. So damn simple. It’s New Zealand made and is currently undergoing a little bit of rebranding but you should see this stuff in bike stores soon. A two litre    container will be $19.95 and a 500ml squirter bottle will be $9.95.

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