In my preparation for converting the Nomad into a singlespeed for the Worlds, I’ve decided to go permanently to one ring up front (except for the Coppermine Race). I tossed around a few options for a chain device but settled on this MRP Lopes guide. Now I’m not a Lopes fan but this thing is the business. !

If you’re an all-mountain rider who runs a single ring with no bash guard then this is what you want. I’ve ridden the MRP single ring XC device and the rigours of all-mountain are a bit much for it; once you drop the chain off that thing it’s a bitch to get back on. This thing is a bit more serious. I mean if it can keep Lopes’ chain on down the A Line race, it’s going to work for me. It comes in BB, ISCG and ISCG 05 and the BB one weighs 98 grams! Head over to to find your nearest dealer.

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