Darcy Turenne has been at the top of her game as a female freerider for several years now, but it seems she has changed gears and is taking her talents onto new challenges. For the last few years she has been studying a masters degree in international and intercultural communications as well as travelling the globe presenting the RideGuideTV, being a Norco ambassador, and all sorts of other fun busyness. Darcy graduated a little while back and already she is popping out amazing shorts. Above is a music video she filmed and below is a study or short documentary into the genre barrier for women attempting to engage in action sports in Indonesia. Check it.

The Eighth Parellel. A film by Darcy Turenne. Shot on the islands of Bali and Java, Indonesia, 2011. This film is my final thesis project for my MA in Intercultural and International Communications from Royal Roads University. Shot on a Canon 7D and GoPro Hero Cam.
Music by: Hey Rosetta, Lia Ices, Mother Mother, Dreamboat, TEN2FIVE, Jalan Jalan, and Jon and Roy.
Thank you to everyone who helped make my idea a reality, especially Rin, Lasti, Kirana, Risa, and Jasmine. And of course, Gino, my Balinese lifeline.

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  1. Been a fan of Darcey’s riding and all round attitude for years! This is awesome! Such a great example for all our girls! rock on!

  2. Amazing video! Totally an inspiration to us girls out there. Thanks Darcey for reminding us how lucky we are to be riding our bikes.

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