As part of this reviewing gig we’re sometimes asked to check out products we wouldn’t normally choose. This can be a bit of a drag to be honest, but every so often we’re pleasantly surprised to discover a quality product we would have otherwise overlooked. This was the case with the Netti Equaliser Shorts.
Had I tried these shorts on in a store, I wouldn’t have chosen to spend my own precious cash on them. When I first slipped them on, something about the cut and fit of the shorts seemed odd, restrictive almost. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but that impression would have been enough for me to return them to the rack.
I was soon to discover that the reason these shorts initially felt a little odd is that they aren’t designed for swanning around the bike shop checking your calves out in the full-length mirror. Unsurprisingly, I guess, they’re designed for riding in, and once on the bike they fit and perform a treat, providing comfort, support and freedom of movement. The marketing blurb includes quite a list of features, but to be honest all you really need to know is that they have a comfy built-in chamois, a fast-drying nylon outer, some pockets and some vents. Beyond that I suggest you try them out; just make sure you’re on a bike when you do.

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