The Mitterhorn is in the Loferer Steinbergen, above the little village of Lofer. It’s a pretty steep climb up to the very comfortable Schmidt-Zabierow-Hütte and from there it’s about 600m to the summit. We stayed overnight and took still images on the first evening in perfect light. The weather forecast for the whole night and the following morning was cloudless and, because the descent is on the East side, we opted to do all filming the following morning at sunrise. Unfortunately we had no luck, the summit was covered in mist early the next morning and we shivered for over an hour waiting for it to clear on the summit ( we had very few clothes because the forecast was so good ). So the spectacular filming from the summit in sunrise light didn’t quite make it and only when we got down lower again the sun started to appear. There’s a long drone section in the middle, it’s a bit shaky since it was windy and I had some issues with the drone’s gps connection, but I’ve included it in it’s entirety since the view from above shows off the exposure of this trail so much. Thanks to the wonderful ladies at the hut for their support, it’s unusual in Austria to get such constructiveness and encouragement with steep vertride on the mountain bike.

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