Now we noticed this mistake just after the magazine came back from the printers. Don’t ask how it happened, cause it’s long winded, but it just happened. So on the products page the blurb and price for the Contour Plus didn’t get corrected and ran as a blurb for a Contour Roam and the price for something from last issue, maybe a handlebar. Anyway the Contour Plus is NOT $99, it’s $899, so don’t be trying to get any shops to honour the price cause it’s just an editorial mistake, sorry. Oh and here’s the real blurb…


Most rides are filled with great memories, so why not film it all from your bike or helmet with one of the best cameras in the field for singletrack shooting. The pro-level Plus features 1080p Full HD resolution for the clearest dirty pictures, and lets you preview it all on your smart phone via Bluetooth connectivity. You can even run an external mic. Sounds impressive, looks impressive.


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