Those of you that have met me or know what I look like will know I love food, so when food shows up in the office I get pretty excited. So when these UK based Mule bars showed up just before Christmas I was pretty pumped. Made with all natural and fair trade ingredients, the folks at Mule are seriously conscious about the impact a small wrapper and an energy bar will have on the environment. That wrapper is actually compostable and the brand gives 1 percent of all its profits back to the environment through the 1 percent for the planet programme, which is pretty damn awesome.

How do they taste? Well I haven’t worked my way through the flavours yet but so far there are no duds, but the Choc Orange takes the cake and the Pinacolada is a close second. I may even have been guilty of eating one just for a choc fix; they’re not a chore to eat and are in fact super tasty! As for an Energy boost, I’m so unfit at the moment that I’ve absolutely needed an energy bar or something at the top of most climbs and having these in my CamelBak has been life saving. It’s definitely noticeable!

There’s got to be a flavour in there for everyone, right? Mule bars are available in good NZ bike stores now.


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