Waka-Nydia-SRAM-2799-EditIt’s been a while since we brought you an update on the NZ Enduro. If you’ve been following the Facebook site you’ll know everything below, but if like me you spend no time on the biggest time vampire in existence then this should all be news to you.
So for starters, all the courses have been announced and they are doozies! There are nine racing stages and seven liaison stages in total and the final trail sections are pretty much my dream weekend of riding. In fact Spoke has done this exact trip a bunch of times over the past 15 years and it still rates up as one of our best long weekends on the planet!

Here are the nitty gritty details.

• 100 riders, entry will be through a web form posted on our Facebook page 6am 1st September.
• Riders who make the first 100 will receive an email with account details for payment (ie. just because the web form accepts you, doesn’t mean you’re in)
• Price has been set at $295 and includes heli shuttle, van shuttle, lunch on Nydia Bay, three days of racing the nine stages.
• All timing is electronic.
• Place to base yourself is Havelock or nearby. Recommend you book accommodation as soon as your entry is confirmed.

It shouldn’t be reiterated enough that you have to be in to win, if you don’t try and enter, you won’t be racing. We will remind you again closer to the time, but it will pay to set a couple of alarm clocks!





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