Look what turned up on the courier this morning! Our new Veho Muvi camera kit from FML Interactive Entertainment. This kit is impressive to say the least. The Muvi HD10 camera shoots full 1080p HD at 30fps onto a 5 Mega pixel CMOS sensor. It has an ultra wide 160 degree view angle lens and an LCD panel for reviewing clips. It also comes with a wireless remote and a bucket load of straps and clips for attaching the camera to yourself, bike or whatever you wish. The Muvi Atom micro camera is intense though, this thing is only 4cms long! Its 2 Mega pixel lens shoots 640 X 480 HD video at 30fps. It also comes with a multitude of mounting options and it’s so small you could strap it to anything. There’s even a waterproof casing for the Atom camera. Both Spoke and our brothers over at Manual will be taking this thing out into the field to shoot, so check back soon for some test footage.

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