It’s been a while since anyone stepped up to rival Stan’s in the puncture sealant department, but KRD imports have just picked up OKO puncture sealant. And although we haven’t got any loaded into our tubeless wheels yet, from the outside things look promising. Prior to the product arriving I must admit to having never heard about OKO before but a little research has revealed that they are in fact the oldest puncture sealant company in the world and even supply puncture sealing for the military and it’s even NATO certified. They also claim that as well as fixing holes it also seals slits in tyres (something to which I’ve fallen victim recently).
As you can see from the photo OKO’s bike product comes in two models, X-Treme and standard. Price wise, the large 800ml containers start at $36.95 and the little 250ml bottles start at $19.95. There are also pre-filled tubes available at $20 (actually we’re feeling generous and are giving two of these away over on the Spoke Facebook page right now). To find out where to buy OKO sealants hit up the boys at KRD and they will point you in the right direction.

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