It’s that time of year, time that winter pushes off and the sun comes out, time that new leaves sprout on the trailside trees, but most importantly it’s time the time of year new season bikes appear.

Yesterday I took a quick trip to the big dirty smoke (sorry but it’s true!) of Auckland to collect the latest addition to my family, a 2010 Haro Sonix PRO. With a bit of wrangling Pacific Brands (Haro New Zealand) managed to get this one over from Aussie for me, so it’s currently the only one in the country but its younger siblings will be in New Zealand soon.

It’s a bit of a shift from the style of bike that I’ve ridden in the past being more of a cross-country ride, but I’m looking forward to shredding it this summer, can’t wait!

Check out some pics below, and be sure to wipe your keyboard afterwards…..




pics: Lester Perry

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