47 entries already and holy shitballs what a stacked field. Byron Scott’s there, as is Sam Shaw, Nick Lambert, Lester Perry, Hayden Lee, Tom Adams and Tom Holland. And who knows, maybe there’s someone on the list I don’t know about. Picking a name at random, say Rob Metz (I haven’t heard anything about Rob since he made headlines back in 1997 when he won the bunnyhop comp at Karapoti – serious, he did). Can’t forget Jeff Carter, who seems to be on fire this year and allegedly has his long term bitter rival Stefan Bennett rattled this year, so much so that Stefan’s throwing cash at his bike in the form of a new bottom bracket, chain and rear cassette. Then there’s ex Pro roadie Ben Robson who has seen the light and now rides mountain bikes. He’s fit and got the skills to boot. Oh I don’t know, its anyone’s race. Well, not anyone’s, but there’s probably 10 riders that could take it out on the day.

The pundits are predicting that this year’s less pedally course will suit those that prefer going up to going down, however Strava says different. Thus far Sam Shaw (XC) has the fastest times on many of the courses to be used in this year’s Triple crown, but who knows, maybe Lance is wrong and Byron’s new bike will give him the edge. The daughter of past winner Nick Lambert was heard saying to someone that she wants her daddy back as he’s been out training too much. Lester Perry (who we almost lost to road biking) is competing in this year’s Trans Provence and should have his eye in as well as being ridiculously fit.

In the ladies’ field, Gabby Molloy is finally giving the Triple Crown a go. Fresh from her win at the Dodzy Memorial Enduro race on some of the meanest tracks in New Zealand, she’d have to be favourite, unless of course a recent broken collarbone has slowed her down. Snapping at her heels will be the flying doctor Alice Kevern, Simone McGregor and Rachel Lynskey, and then there is Fire Lady Kelly Wood who hasn’t been riding for long but she rides as well as she kayaks, so who knows.

There are still 10 spots up for grabs so get your entries in asap by checking out,

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