No, we’re not a cyclocross magazine as someone suggested on Facebook, but riding bikes around a park in the mud is riding off-road and too much fun to ignore. With the amount of fat tyres and suspension going around Wellington’s Tawatawa Reserve on Sunday, and judging from the smiles on the mud-encrusted faces, this bunch of mainly mountain bikers seemed to be embracing the racing.

Spoke contributors Alex Revell and Tim Wilding took top spots in the long race with Kim ‘The Hammer’ Hamer-Hurst again dealing with the girls and all bar the top two boys as well. Owen and Andy layed out a great course that was enjoyed by all, except maybe the local residents who may be trudging through tyre tracks while walking the dog for the next week.

More photos from Richard Ainsworth here…

Gallery and blog from Mel Hamer-Hurst here…

The fourth and final round will be taking place at Te Ahumairangi Reserve (Wadestown, Wellington) on July 1st, although the Hot CX website has two dates on it so you might want to email them here to confirm. (Confirmed July 1, thanks Owen.)



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